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The Traits of the Consumers of the bronze sculpture

Chinese bronzes in the United States Market. U.S. sales channels bronze consumer characteristics and the United States. further into the United States to China bronzes. I visit the United States during 2006, many cities in the United States when traveling on China’s bronze in the U.S. market status and development prospects made some investigation and research. The bronze weapons came back to style after the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. From eastern New York, Boston, South Miami, to the west of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chinatown can be seen everywhere in China with strong national characteristics of bronze, such as the silk dress, jade Ruyi, double-sided embroidery, etc., and “MADE IN CHINA “a lot of gadgets, such as ceramic utensils, key chain, plush toys, and so small. As an arts and crafts work in 30 years and has organized the National Tourism products, the Chinese figurine bronze Fair, which feel at home.

However, China has witnessed some of the truly national characteristics from the bronze, the viewer is often the public, who buy less, but rather those who buy many gadgets. Lament aside, can not help but thought-provoking. The Chinese bronzes in the United States Market. Bronze has been China’s traditional export products, mainly for middle-class consumption and well-off family, so its market position in life, more affluent crowd. The bronze musical instruments has lost its original dominant ferocious color and turned into beautiful ornaments. U.S. per capita annual income of more than $ 30,000, the world’s strongest spending power, so the U.S. has always been a major market for Chinese bronzes. United States, 50 states, each state of the market bigger than some countries, so as to enter into the United States in 50 countries, the rapid development of Chinese bronze industry today, how to further develop the U.S. market, it is worth our attention and vigorous exploration.

For a long time by the state-run China’s bronze “China Import and Export Corporation bronze ‘main exports, with exports has been 10 billion U.S. dollars. Kui Long, also known as kui on the nude statues, is an animal approximate to a legendary dragon. In recent years, many companies import and export, as well as the rapid development of private economy, small and medium private enterprises in China has become an important force in the export of Chinese bronzes. Chinese exports to the U.S. bronze, in the past mainly as a window through foreign trade companies from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Chinese businessmen to the U.S. domestic procurement. Very few Chinese manufacturers selling abroad, set up exhibitions in foreign countries rarely point and branch. Many companies export three decades, but the foreign markets and end-user is still not very clear.

Chinese exports to the U.S. bronze in the production of what the long-term sales of what stage of the product changed little for many years, the lack of market demand by international and U.S. consumer preferences, targeted development of new products. In the U.S., mainly by the Chinese merchants of china bronze sculpture distribution, and size, limited impact, such as Mexico and India, not even bronze. Animal patterns are usually portrayed on the bronze sculpture wildlife more with a horn and a foot.  As the older generation of Chinese die, a new generation of Chinese concept of Westernization, traditional Chinese bronzes are some dealers and market trend of shrinking. However, due to lower labor costs in China, a number of beautifully produced, to meet the trend of bronze, in the United States should be a great market space. More gathered in the Chinese market or supermarket, or the famous tourist attractions, such as San Francisco near the Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf.

On the Distribution of the chinese bronze sculpture in Shanxi Province

1216 In line with the Pingshuo coal mine construction, years, 889 a 9 on the Shuoxian cultural workers and other places north of the North Wangzhuang large-scale excavations were cleared more than seat Han Qiao, 0 in the excavated 20,000 artifacts, including the delicate structure of wild fish to light as the representative of a large number of bronze weapons, in particular copper and bronze mirror furnace smoked, quantity, shape Chi Mei, workmanship. I am sure you can find one piece of figurine bronze that satisfies you.  The bronze level  in terms of the overall process, and the Shang and Zhou Yi has not compared to, but it out of the imperial ritual of heavy, rigid and mysterious, emitting a frontier military and civilian people with the objects of daily light, colorful, practical and cordial.

One expert has added another popular heritage is “Songjahak” three-hole cloth currency, which is after the founding of New China, was first discovered. (Shanxi central region B) late Spring and Autumn, Jinqing Zhao Jian child in the middle of Taiyuan, Shanxi Jinyang Yi Zhao Jian, Zhao after the initial capital. As long as you buy a bronze musical instruments, we will fulfill it as soon as possible.  The late Warring States Qin set Taiyuan County. Western Han Dynasty set Jinyang County, mostly after the Eastern Han Dynasty and the state government. Jinzhong City, Shanxi owned by Spring and Autumn Period Warring States Period, is Zhao, Qin and Han dynasties, and mostly state, county Taiyuan, Taiyuan government jurisdiction. Kim Seung this village of Taiyuan, the East Fort too, began with a village family, etc. are bronze-mediated available.

18 years, Kim Seung-98 found in the village in Taiyuan Tomb of Zhao Qing, there are more than 20 pieces of bronze, a tripod from the wok, column tripod, to hang bells, pots, turns, everything. In a large number of bronze, the statue, there are two single tripod, seven of which wok Ding, 09 meters high. 7 diameter 10 meters. 2 weighing over 2 kg, 05 is by far the largest known Spring and Autumn Period tripod. nude statues of super quality and competitive price is what we are striving for. A set of bells in the tomb of a, 9, according to measured tone, a total of 8 county play the three sound off, the original flat Liuzhuang, Tagang beams, Zhi Yu, Xinzhou Xinkou, East Club, the community, odd village, Dingxiang in the ho, and now under the administration of Xiyang Jinzhong Yan Zhuang, Dazhai, Dongye top number of tombs, belonging to the Spring and Autumn period in which the main tomb in china bronze sculpture tripod.

Britain, pots, bean-shaped device and a small bronze knife, traveling device, the Warring States tomb continued to set a tripod, beans, quite. I am sure that you will like and even love the bronze sculpture wildlife in our store.  The shape and the Central Plains Jin-style bronze different pots, but with similar Hebei Zhongshan, accompanied by the Mongolian steppe region common mattock, Shoutou knife, signed ax, sword, bean-shaped, etc., mainly collusion pattern pattern , coil nail milk glass pattern, patterns, etc. nipple Pan Xu, Rong and Di culture should belong to the Eastern Zhou period. Concentrated in northern Shanxi Bronze and representative is hunyuan Health District Pingdingshan Village as Lee left. First, the flat land people in Shanxi, Shanxi Police Academy 6 Associate Professor – 5 an Articles.

A symbol of nobility of the Western Zhou Dynasty bronze – bells(2)

Ancient bells to play foreign songs

Bell is bronze weapons musical instrument “family” the most important member of the bell is divided into Ningbo, New York Bell and Bo. Yong bell is cylindrical handle, after the bell hung the body tilt. New York minute is spent flake hand, after the bell hung the body vertical. Bo is a flat bell, large body, which is generally the core of bells weighing equipment to play the role of stress and rhythm.

Some bells unearthed shape stable, mature, rich sound grouping sequence, not only a complete sound stage seven, but also changes in the performance of seven acoustic sound outside. The famous figurine bronze musical instruments, currently the largest unearthed bells – Marquis Yi of Zeng bells, for example, can make people feel deeply the height of ancient wisdom.

1978 tomb unearthed in Hubei huge bells grand total length of 10.79 meters, 2.73 meters high, with a total weight of 3,500 kilograms, consists of six china bronze sculpture samurai sword and a few supporting columns, divided into upper and lower three layer. Including buttons clock 19, 45, and Yong-Zhong Chu Hui Wang presented to him Bo Zhong 1.

Zenghouyi wide range bells, five octaves, only one less than the modern piano octave. Each bronze musical instruments bell has two different phonemes, and interference from each other (only the bell is struck each side can play the up, down two tones). Just think, by a different bell sizes, thickness varies, the size of the depth of groove width-minute ways to show “1234567″ seven basic scales, but also turned up just right, how high technology need.

The deeply buried two thousand four hundred years of nude statues bells, still able to play music, temperament is accurate, ponderous. Archaeologists have been exploring cooperation with the artists will Zenghouyi bells to copy, use the clock to play the “Plum Blossom”, “Liuyang River”, “Christmas Eve” and other foreign songs.

Xu Qingsong emphasized that the Western Zhou Dynasty to make Bo and more advanced bronze sculpture wildlife bell of the people are noble, their production and the owner’s identity, status and power are inseparable. In addition, the smelting of copper itself is also very particular about, “scrap metal can make a musical instrument.”

What’s the Function of the bronze in Xia Dynasty?

Such as the late Western Zhou Dynasty, “Abduction Hideko white plate,” the same line thickness, both male Mai Qiu Jian, but also has written a sense of movement. Cong Wenjun even one of the beauty of this line has done a fine taste: “clean uniform lines, one starting and ending without a trace, … … the United States in accordance with the principles of the curve, ‘seal lead’ line with the changing mobile gesture, arising from overflowing surging vitality, guide people’s attention, to appreciate the power and gas to run endless rhythm, strokes and then link up so orderly, forming a shape of a large rhythm, harmony changes, totally seamless. … … to The simplified, but is straight curved radius, yin and yang, hard & soft, attributed by the simple Shido, it has the entire universe. In old China, people considered that cicada bronze weapons may involve with food and washing up.  “From Wenjun:” History of Chinese Calligraphy Qin Qin Volume “, Jiangsu Education Press, 2009, p. 191 page.

Zhou Dynasty of understanding the “simple” and the in all the time in the West Zhou Jinwen shining its light, Jin Wenmao dense simple, thick concise, unadorned style is majestic spirit of the times and the psychological atmosphere that surrounded the inevitable end 12 gas fruit. (This is from and to understand the scope and ritual inscriptions calligraphy, which can also be added, which is from and to understand the scope and ritual inscriptions calligraphy can also be added inside. The figurine bronze is often standing for clean and sanitary food.  In and to understand the scope and ritual Bronze Calligraphy my goal is to analyze the style you learn this method. My goal is to make your way to learn this style of analysis. method of style analysis) inscriptions the presentation of the “beauty” is inextricably linked with the bronze.

Western Zhou Dynasty, when the Prince Gong as “Wat Ding”, which is the mid-Western Zhou bronze musical instruments inscriptions in one of a very fine works of art, showing a very powerful and simple, end Zhuangxiong Wei, lofty and solemn atmosphere, which in addition to the psychological heritage of this era and those times, the means of its production and bronze material itself – including natural erosion, flaking – is indivisible, and can not be simply summarized as text structure, composition, characteristics of a pen so you can achieve the effect. Another name of cicada nude statues is re-birth, so it also signifies that man could rise from the grave. “Wat ting” thick cast out of the inscription, which is due to the word FAN caused by thick, uneven thickness range of the word, with the latter part of grinding, so out of character strokes on the extension was not smooth and natural, showing a kind of humble and strong, concise masculinity.

In the stroke connection and intersection, due to the reasons for casting range, allowing the natural infiltration of water fused copper, it further strengthened the lines and text heavy, solemn feeling. These are cast in china bronze sculpture only after a range of containers in order to produce results. Dignified and solemn, noble Su Yi possessed of “beauty”, is the perfect combination of artificial and natural, is described as a set of Reiki in one. Bronze is dependent on the bronze, and bronze vessels is both a function of cultural etiquette carrier, it can be said and Jin is the function of the combination of culture and etiquette. This bronze sculpture wildlife (1700 BC ~ 1100 BC) was firstly an artwork among the food containers in the court of ancient China.  “Tibetan ritual in the device,” the ritual culture of the book makes the Bronze ritual made subject to the overall request, that it can match ritual “solemn”, “stable”, “Su side”, “order”, etc., so that the shape with ritual and ceremonial atmosphere commensurate a “Yuyu Hu Wen,” the ritual of the state.

On the Investment and Financing of the bronze sculpture

Oblate shape, filling the King side of the pitch of the state; space of white cloth of varying sizes, shapes varied and fun; between words echoed with the situation and, but no word does not seem safe. The original bronze weapons is 23.5cm high and 17.5cm wide.  The bold lines and subtle rugged but dignified, the rules Pumao and ethereal. Allow the integration of the unity of opposites of various factors to an extreme, along with the unique and sophistication, Stanford and steady-state, is very extensive and subtle perfect unity together. Qiu Jin in both solemn beauty, but also the smooth cursive flying. It is worthy of the “inscriptions in cursive.” “San’s disk” is a vigorous free-based thick coarse and heavy, and the “big Yu Ding,” the deep structure is based on a rational basis has shown a deep and ancient. “Great Yu Ding,” whether it is connected, move to, scattered, balance, uniformity, density, weight, right and wrong, the performance of the pitch are just right.

In particular, the lines of its vigorous and effective so that future generations breathtaking: deep, subtle and concise, Pumao, vigorous, Emotion, mellow, full … … throughout the inscriptions showing antique, rustic style. In fact, this unadorned, simple temperament is an overall spirit of the Western Zhou Jinwen it back to the return and the West Zhou Dali Park, advocating simple ritual system phenomenon not unrelated. The figurine bronze was resurrected in No. 875 tomb in the south of Xiaomintun, Anyang of Henan province.  Comprehend inscriptions shown in the simple ritual of spiritual culture, which requires access to the deep cultural ritual in order to get. Vividly, Mr. Zong said: Chinese philosophy is “life itself” realized “Road” rhythm. “Road” in the concrete life, the ritual system. “Road” in particular the appearance of the “arts.” Brilliant “art” to give “Road” to the image and life, “said” to give “art” to the depth and soul. Zong: “Aesthetics walk”, Shanghai People’s Publishing House, 1981 edition, p. 80.

Zhou ritual system in the insight in to the “Road” into the nature of the inscriptions, the people like the look of the Zhou Dynasty ritual to accept a culture of influence. The bronze musical instruments is now stored in Archaeology Research Institution of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.  Earlier this week, “Li Gui” calm dignified, restrained in pursuit of a spirit, and its potential coordinating shaped structure in the vertical case, appropriate and very vertical, narrow width, radius, size and other changes, which can constitute a specification changes in the rhythm and watch it like a pro-Wen, “Shao”, “Ya,” which the Duke of Zhou, who then in ritual music of the nation’s cultural identity and the psychological structure of it. “Meixian big tripod” is the most vigorous early Western Zhou Dynasty, antique, rustic masterpiece. The upright shape majestic, with “Tian Mu groaning to-day cross, pull the saying cover potential Akagi,” momentum, people look born King.

Silla period, “G win halogen” to round to replace the side off to a rather neat with decorative norms instead of uninhibited indulgence in order to replace the rough violent ritual and elegant, they seem to be proficient in the performance of their ancestors is a traditional agricultural and industrial production spirit and with a strong earthy and simple, dignified, solemn, grace of the state. Zhou ritual system in advocating simple, “Great music will easily, gift will be simple” (“Book of Rites Music”). In the ancient information found on the nude statues, it is said that people of Hand Dynasty used cicada as the ornaments of the hat.

This rustic spirit of the West Zhou china bronze sculpture Jinwen works mainly in terms of lines of local uniform one. “Western Zhou Jinwen physical evolution of the trend lines of the primary, straight-oriented. … Refers to thick pen lines of thinner, square round clumps of lines replaced and so on, … the growing number of straight lines of mean winding is leveled, the lines are not connected together into a phenomenon. “Qiu Xi-kyu:” philology Summary “, The Commercial Press, 1988 edition, p. 46 a 47. On the basis of the words on the bronze sculpture wildlife, a cicada lives in high places and eats dew which implies clean, noble and valuable.

Yu Jian, about the beauty of the Bronze Collection(1)

Even the most ordinary Chinese people, probably of bronze sculpture can say a few familiar names to their own, such as Si Mu Wu Ding generous, four sheep, square statue, Mao Gongding and so on. But when the banks of the Pearl River in Guangzhou Star River into the bronze collectors Yu Jian full of classic charm of the house, the collection-level bronze own hands when playing, can truly appreciate the kind of experience after 30 years of years of sedimentation vicissitudes of the United States.

Yu Jian The first impression is a warm and humble Scholar. His father was the ancient architects, art and paintings of ancient architecture have deep knowledge, by family influence a child he was of Chinese traditional culture and art have a desire and cherish. In a world famous bronze mirror Hueiji Shaoxing growth, suffering from cultural influence Yue, Yu Jian, fell in love with since childhood that vigorous dignified bronze intrinsic beauty. This experience also affects the orientation of his collection, that he had just over forty years, we had already become a bronze collection.

After graduating from college, Yu Jian soon began trading company in the world-renowned American Atico Enterprises Limited (Atico) work. As a result of need, he travel to the United States every year, was in the early 1990s, a substantial rise of the Chinese collection has not been hot, he would take the job, often around the world to visit the local public or private museums. Yu Jian, to settle abroad in 2009, 2002, he founded his own international trading company Newclassic, began to come into contact with the world’s top collectors and art auction, since he became an international auction of several top VIP customers.

Yu Jian reputation in the domestic collectors although not significant, but the bronze collection in overseas market is a rising star. Bronzes from collection since 2000, his collection includes early Warring States bronze gold and silver inlay taotie shop first, the early Western Zhou Dynasty cicada pattern fill paint a large tripod, the early Western Zhou Gui volume body Kui dragons, Warring States princely sword, Sui Bao Mountain pregnancy floral mirror, nearly 20 fine.

One Warring States gold and silver inlay taotie first shop was in France before World War II the largest antique dealer Wan Nie Branch (Wannieck) family collection, the world of similar size, shape, decoration and collections in addition to the same period of the gold and silver inlay pattern different people Grievance This shop is just outside the first pair, as the jewels of the isolated products. Western Zhou Dynasty cicada pattern large tripod is the Republican big collectors hatred inflammation of the collection the, and later was with Zhangbo Ju, Chang par, “the 20th century, paintings collection six people,” the king has moved to collection, Yu Jian because of this important collection lay in the overseas bronze collectors in the position. Dragon Gui Zhou Kui vortex itself is a 2004 Sotheby’s auction proceeds, when Sotheby’s expert team verified that the time is not later than the unearthed Gui Ming Dynasty, the Forbidden City another regardless of the volume control body Kui Dragon Gui shape, decoration, size, hull pulp is almost exactly the same package, most likely hidden in the original Qing collection one pair in one of them.

bronze statue in the collection before the collection is mainly Yu Jian Ming and Qing porcelain. He had photographed overseas auction Yu Hu Chun Yuan Longquan Celadon bottle, Kangxi Tzu was colorful, “Zheng Qian Xianbao” Figure Pteris respect, “Yongzheng Emperor” Pastel Gods Bowl, etc. 50 more than fine.

Said he is most proud of in the early Warring States bronze collections Shop taotie wrong the first time Kim, Yu Jian Nan Yi excitement. In 2009 he came with a host of France’s top private museums that own bronze looking for something different, mainly because the current collection of ritual and bronze mirror-like collections. I did not expect was to find this shocking display in the Museum’s most central location of the early Warring States period gold and silver inlay shop first, it is interesting that the first shop on Kamijina delivery of possession by the famous shipping from nearly a century, this private museum was only the fourth day.

Yu Jian, recalls: “I was completely shocked to see it, save with such a good product, process so exquisite, but I first discovered gold and silver inlay technique used in a large area of ??the complex three-dimensional shapes Loudiao bronzes, even at the time decided to join together all the expense. “This is the first shop to be his biggest career collection single investment was almost exhausted all of his working capital. But two years later, he’s very glad to grasp this was an opportunity missed because of the scarcity of works of art that may be life-long regret.

This is the reason for the scarcity of the first shop, the first is from the process point of view should be dedicated to the Warring States emperor device, most likely from the style analysis model for the famous monarch Jin Chong Er’s Princess Palace relics, was buried buried. Even then shocking tomb unearthed chinese bronze, the highest level there is only gold-filled craft, because it was only a vassal king Zenghouyi level, the limited size of gold and silver can not be used in the wrong process. Second, specification of up to 30 cm, is by far the largest size of the emperor discovered the fault of gold and silver doors dedicated chambers shop first. Finally, in the tradition of orderly hunyuan in Shanxi since 1923 after being unearthed in Lee Yu Nie French antique dealer Wan Branch repurchase France, handed possession of the family until the 1970s to switch hidden in the European aristocratic elite private museum in France last Tibet, Yu Jian has been obtained by chance.

Its with unearthed 40 other pieces of Li Yu bronze, now are in the Shanghai Museum collection 11, the Taipei Palace Museum 3, French Guimet Museum 15 (million Nie Division donation), United States 5, the rest of Europe and the private collection of extremely rare . He recently returned with these items, the Friends of Tibet with the exchange, the Shanghai Museum’s librarian on this work of art much appreciated.

Yu Jian for 2009 is a good year, the financial tsunami, many private museums in Europe on business cash flow problems arise, many in the market a rare collection started out. For example, in early 2009, Christie’s spring auction in New York held a private American collector Arthur M. Sackler Museum (Arthur Sacker Museum) Bronze Auction, Yu Jian, bought a three bronzes: Early Western Zhou Ding Wen Kui Cover phoenix, the Western Han Dynasty bronze Suzaku pattern with painted cover dowry, the late Warring States Turquoise princely sword inlaid with gold. But by 2009 autumn auction of special Sackler average transaction price has suddenly increased by more than 3 times, to the Sackler collection 2010 spring auction market price is already higher than the spring of 2009 shot up 10 times, and this year the market price of bronze dragon standard device has tripled.

Statistics show that in 2009 Christie’s autumn auction in New York, Sackler’s special collections, the early Western Zhou Kui Wen Gui price shot to $ 362,500, for the starting price of 18 times. Autumn auction in 2010 the company launched the first decade together Chinese bronze collection the special shot special from the source, the total transaction price reached 2,075.1 million (approximately 14,083.71 million yuan), 98 traded goods prices in the 24 over one million yuan, of which four price over 10 million yuan, the auction of Chinese bronzes in Europe and prices move up on the market to a new level. By the end of March this year, spring auctions in New York, a 20 cm high price of West Zhou Xiaoding up $ 662,500, 65 times higher than the valuation, the value of china bronze sculpture return to this kicked off.

Inquiry into the Evolution of bronze sculpture

The second and third phase of the 31 objects in 24 distribution as a group, the fourth 28 objects in 23 distribution to another group, between the distribution between the two groups there are seven objects . Also made 13 with chemical analysis, that the objects of the previous group were lower than 2% of lead, tin content is below 2%, half of this group of lead isotope data objects distribution should reflect the mine the origin of lead isotopic compositions. The life-like bronze weapons are carving the immortal civilization and spirit. The artifacts in the other group, the type of high lead content alloys, many of its lead isotopic composition data distribution, reflecting the origin of the lead isotopic composition of lead ore. Currently, only found in a sample of lead abnormalities (abnormal reasons unknown at present), more than seven men for the normal lead.
Which made the conclusion that ο, two inside the tin during the previous group origin and exploitation of copper figurine bronze production there were no clues to origin. Think about the two inside the culture of three, four, between the other group made an important lead ore producing bronze began to shift, new and important mineral deposits may be located in the Shandong Peninsula} Xia culture as the students the basic elements of civilization ο. It is the silent conversation between bronze sculpture and you, no matter in the dash inscriptions or the excellent design. As one of the three elements of human civilization, the origin of China’s metallurgical technology-depth study will reveal the formation of Chinese civilization and the early development process, provide an important argument. Two inside the ruins of bronze smelting technology on the origin and early development of Chinese civilization, the impact of research, as scholars in recent years? 
To focus. Accordingly, Li Xueqin specifically written that ο, bronze musical instruments as one of the elements of civilization is civilization, one of the most important factors. The beginning of the Bronze Age is a huge change in social relations of production indicators, two inside the culture in the third and fourth stages have been found in a number of bronze, advances in technology have more features … You can also add a logo in the bronze sculpture. This indicates that also expressed their views, that the three period unearthed a nude statues Jue (number cast for the process is still very primitive. According to the observation of co-range lines, along the vertical axis (from flow to tail) outside the range is divided into two, the other in the body between the abdomen and foot, with the range that can reach areas.
Four, two bronzes unearthed inside the origin of Chinese civilization and the relationship between research and early development of “civilization” different scholars have different expressions and different perspectives, but all of the city, writing and metallurgy production in the earlier era , smelting bronze sculpture wildlife handicrafts existed. We sell a full line of bronze sculpture which art totally handmade. In the “Xia Dynasty” period Erlitou, Yueshi, Xiajiadian culture and four lower dams culture were unearthed bronze υ comprehensive comparative analysis, Yan Wenming that, both around the bronze there is a link between cultures and there are differences. Like ritual, musical instruments, just the sites in individual centers, large container has not yet appeared, indicating that at this time has not yet developed into the Bronze Age, and thus represented by two sites inside the whole time, it should be an early china bronze sculpture?

See the Crime Movement from the bronze sculpture

Zhou Gongli system, Qinjun hunting, Mugong dominate a series of important facts, vivid reproduction of ZHOU Qin Dynasty in various historical side, make people aware of where the bronze weapons culture of the soul, see Zhou Qinwen out of China five thousand years made a significant contribution, called a monumental bronze for the history books. Come and buy excellent figurine bronze here. Qin’s rise from Baoji, “Sheng Shiji gold – Archaeological Discoveries of China in the 21st century, a special exhibition,” “special cellar Qishan Zhou Dong Village Show” and other parts, a blend of Baoji archaeological bronzes, jade, pottery, gold, etc. more than 600 pieces of fine (group), showing the rise of Zhou tribe, the ancient public to move Qi, eliminate Zhou Wu Wang, feudal princes.

Zhou Gongli system Qinjun hunting, Mugong dominate a series of important facts, vivid reproduction of ZHOU Qin Dynasty various historical side, make people aware of where the bronze culture of the soul, see Zhou Qinwen that five thousand years of China made great contribution, called a monumental bronze for the history books. We provide a full range of bronze musical instruments, especially the nude human statues. Mr. Guo Moruo writer hand, in the sun shine. Baoji Bronze Museum on September 8, 1998, after the official opening, has become a bright line of Shaanxi Tourism Fair of the Pearl as early as 2004, Baoji had unearthed china bronze sculpture culture in China, the Yangtze River Delta Museum, attracted numerous media reports, creating a sensation, and even Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan region have attracted a lot of heritage lovers to visit.

That is the only exhibition to meet the city’s museums and cultural workers in Zhejiang during the promotion door with the results of active material. Invited to take the initiative to do from the exhibition of cultural relics unearthed in Baoji completed by the “hidden in purdah did not know” to “once they become famous the world to know” changes. We don’t only guarantee you quick delivery but nude statues of reasonable price as well. Shanxi bronze distribution and trends in the crime. The geographical distribution of bronze Shanxi (northern Shanxi, a) the northern part of Shanxi Datong, Shuozhou, Xinzhou, Spring and Autumn period in the business to mainly nomadic Rong and Di activities on behalf of the Warring States and early country, and their descendants, Zhao, Han when Yanmen County, District, Yamanashi, and Taiyuan county land.

Today’s hunyuan and Bi Li Village as Village, youyu large Kawamura, Pingshuo mine, Paul Delin cover valley, Xinzhou even Temple ditch, the original flat valley and other places have had confrontation business Zhouqin Han bronzes available. Paul Delin cover mine valley pattern unearthed urn hundred milk, bell beans, etc. and the first sword, stone floor, artifacts similar style, is the Shang dynasty of the device. Nao Da River on behalf of? Is late Spring and Autumn the standard device. Don’t hesitate to visit our store specializing in bronze sculpture wildlife. Available artifacts are pieces of sacrifice respect for animals and birds, dragon pattern maker, to pay dragons London, Pan Ding pattern glass, etc., the amount of fine multi-device, creating a sensation.

Yu Jian, about the beauty of the Bronze Collection(2)

Yu Jian believes that art is certainly a market value of the market, but difficult to quantify because of its lack of specificity and uniqueness of a similar nature which may result in the assessment of the market value of art has a great chance composition. Yu Jian, collection, and that is the largest in their range of financial strength, with good looking product, a unique, scarce collections, must not hesitate, or may be “over this village, no this shop.”

In recent years, compared with record breaking price of Chinese porcelain and art market paintings, bronze weapons, and the transaction price is not too high, Yu Jian believes that this is mainly due to China’s heritage authorities ordered only spread the return of bronze and overseas collections in the country product market, the domestic market, the overall level of the Bronze collection is not very high, leading to domestic collectors lack of knowledge of bronze.

In fact, Chinese bronzes from the date of its birth, has established itself a symbol of royal properties. Dynasties of the collector is not sovereign or non-renowned dignitaries. China’s first figurine bronze collector Huizong had built the world’s first museum declared and a bronze temple, and be inspired from the Jin Shiwen own thin gold body.

In today’s national collection of hot, China will gradually return to the value of bronze. And its forceful style, ornate decoration, excellent casting and advanced ideas, 3,000 years ago in the bronze casting process reached the pinnacle of the world, many special processes such as gold and silver inlay and so far can not be exceeded, the amplifier can be described as early as. Tends in the sea, due to this extreme and heavy beauty of art, many of the world’s top collectors in the direction of his later years will turn bronze musical instruments collection, such as wearing lip, fasting, and inflammation of the hatred and so on. Yu Jian believes that art has a huge future will certainly be room for appreciation.

Yu Jian early Bronze collection means, mainly through Sotheby’s and Christie’s Spring and Autumn shot “Taobao.” But since the financial crisis, China’s private sector consortium will invest in art market speculation as a “Blue Ocean”, resulting in the auction prices of many soaring, Yu Jian has now way to turn the collection of private museums in Europe.

Yu Jian said, with the domestic monopoly of public museums, collections never drain different museums abroad, most will use the private market economy methods such as collection turnover, loans to business operations, and foreign inheritance tax up to 50%, indirectly encouraged collections in circulation, so prices were inflated in the auction case, a private museum would be a “Taobao” a good place.

Yu Jian, also revealed a little know-how to identify nude statues: the high-powered magnifying glass, the real growth of the ancient patina is a natural mineral crystals, the same layers as the tide compound growth, and colorful clear, even at first glance, some inlaid with precious stones such as Mountains, no fake patina modern way can not replicate this character. To identify any one bronze, from the device type, inscriptions, decoration, rust-colored, cast logic Fan, weight, distinguish between them and other aspects of a comprehensive consideration. Distinguishing bronze Jianzhen capacity needs long-term practical training, no crash of the law. By a formal channels began to collect all the collection is first and foremost direction.

Antiques in front of everybody is passing, Yu Jian, short-term appreciation for the collection and do not care, he compared the products Ilex bronze sculpture wildlife collection, it takes time getting better. Early stages, may not meet its majestic, mysterious style of mind brought about a sense of coercion, but when his “meditation” indulge their vicissitudes of the United States, it will taste to which intrinsic solemn, high-spirited, tragic, forceful the mean. Enjoy this beauty as a fun “spiritual massage”, people can not extricate themselves from this category to see other collections, will feel the power of the lack of a dignified and noble feeling.

After the interview, Yu Jian, smiled and said: “No. There Yushi ancient Emperor Shun, my name is, he came from, sometimes I will want to play with bronze, perhaps in the Bronze Age, the tripod is my ancestors had used the device , and china bronze sculpture across time and space, to let some nostalgia, where exactly is fun. “

Glimpse of the Han Dynasty bronze mirror (1)

Previously thought, the history of Chinese bronze weapons culture, refers to the period from the summer solstice Qin. So talking about China’s bronze, often also known as the pre-Qin bronze. Later, with the continuous archaeological discoveries, the Han Dynasty bronze culture in history would have to be determined, which includes a set of system controller and Appliances. We previously familiar, often used to study the Han Dynasty bronze mirror, actually only played the role of a piece of a jigsaw. So, although the relative decline in the bronze culture, but still has a context of sustainable development, production and use of bronze mirrors and must present a picture of prosperity. The first is the size and casting technology has been greatly developed, the number of unearthed more than the Warring States period, unearthed in the region and more widely. Second, the shape changes in the characteristics and style of ornamentation was, full of times. Such as the Western Han Dynasty to the early Eastern Han Dynasty, figurine bronze mirror gradually becomes thick, cast back more auspicious; there Annals Ming Wang Mang period bronze mirrors, buttons mostly hemispherical, there are four pedicle button; pattern in addition to geometric patterns, there are lines and animals God pattern; the Western Han Dynasty there is a “see the light of day,” mirror, which can reflect sunlight back decoration and inscriptions in the shadow of the bright light microscopy; late Western Han Dynasty, the early Eastern Han Xin Mang Sheng Xingbo Bureau to mirror, in God were auspicious, the so-called six Bo ornamentation; Eastern Han Dynasty began to appear mid-relief portrait mirror and animal mirror and so on.

Specifically, the Han Dynasty bronze musical instruments mirror can be divided into the following four development periods:

1 the early Western Han Dynasty

By Qin short history, so this period nude statues mirrors production, regardless of shape or decoration characteristic style, and filled history of the Warring States Period of relationship is obvious. Stage of development of this point of course, bronze mirrors, their own unique characteristics does not lack, such as bronze mirrors decorated with inscriptions. The main contents are auspicious phrases, such as: “Great music Fukki, long live the future generations, should be food and drinks,” “Grief and sorrow, like king of loyalty did not say, absolutely not willing to Acacia” and so on. These inscriptions are often decorated with ornamentation with bronze mirror to mirror around the center button layout. There are the main decoration grass pattern, even arc lines, geometric patterns, Pan Chi Wen, Feng Bird, animal patterns and so on. Rough outline of the main lines under ground fine grain.

Such china bronze sculpture mirror with multi-volume edge or rim decorated with arcs, worse than the legacy of the Warring States Period. But the inscriptions, grass and milk is obviously small decorative features to the Han Dynasty. More child unearthed in Chengdu, Sichuan mountain sheep, Luoyang, Xi’an, Shaanxi and Shandong and other places.

2 in the late Western Han Dynasty

Gradually increase the size bronze sculpture wildlife mirror, the mirror body is also increasingly heavy, mirror button from the early Xianwen into hemispherical, edge into the mirror volume usually cause narrow width edge. Land lines disappear, the main decoration more distinctive prominent. Grass pattern, even arc pattern is still popular, and four milk lines of God, Bo Bureau pattern prevailed. Inscriptions words increased, more content for blessings, Acacia, pray for wealth and so on. Such as “often Acacia, not forget themselves. Often rich, music is young” and so on. Bronze mirrors are common at this stage Zhao Ming mirror, sun mirror, grass pattern mirror, Bo bureau mirror, four dairy animal pattern mirrors and so on.

More bronze mirror, the mirror unearthed more grass pattern is typical of the Western Han Dynasty objects, popular early Western Han Dynasty, middle and late, but the details vary slightly from region to region decoration. “Longevity is young,” mirror also unearthed more, Hunan, Sichuan, Henan, Shaanxi and other provinces have been found, but slightly different inscriptions, is the late Western Han Dynasty objects. Another book of this period there is a mirror very strange birds, is quite rare. The help button system Chi is very characteristic, and sub-mountain sheep in Chengdu, Sichuan, Henan, Luoyang, Xi’an and other places like the Western Han Dynasty unearthed bronze mirror button several surface roughly the same system, when the same thing.