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When the bronze sculptures to enter the market without copyright are infringed or to be copied, modified, counterfeit, the artist can be based on legal weapons to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. “Copyright Law” states: production, sale of counterfeit works of art signed by others for infringement, shall bear to stop the infringement, eliminating the impact of public apology, compensation for any losses, can be given by the copyright administration department shall confiscate the illegal income, fine and other administrative penalties. In addition, the “Criminal Law” also stipulates that: For the purpose of profit making, selling fake art works of others who act up at 3 years 7 years in prison. The progress of Chinese bronze is consistent with the development of the slave society of China. These provisions, as the artists create a good atmosphere.
 Meanwhile, the “Copyright Law” in the works also made the transfer of ownership of the relevant provisions, to a certain extent, the arts provide consumers with a legal basis. Enable consumers to define their art consumer rights, that is, when the transfer of ownership of works, the exhibition rights, ownership of all the enjoyment of all. But the “Copyright Law” provision does not sign the transfer contract or work agreement is not clear who the copyright still belongs to the client. The bronze sculpture arises with the emergence of slavery society. Therefore, if the interests of consumers are protected, contracts must be legitimate channels to achieve the transfer of ownership of works. Acquisition of private transactions not in the scope of the protection of the law.
 Secondly, for the bronze market management. In 1994 the Ministry of Culture issued the “artwork management approach” (Culture Department Order No. 8). It strengthen the artwork for management, protection of creators, operators, consumers’ legitimate rights and interests, and promote the healthy development of the arts has a positive meaning. The development of the bronze statue also changes with the disintegration of slavery society. “Artwork management approach” to define the market administrative departments bronze; provides for the establishment of galleries, art shops, crafts company’s bid procedures; for holding artwork competitions, exhibitions, fairs, auctions and other activities to fulfill the conditions and procedures are also more detailed requirements; while in operation and management, has defined the rights and obligations of the operators, regulate the business activities of the bronzes.
 But with the development of market economy, chinese bronze market many new problems and new situations, especially since China’s accession to the World Trade Organization, many ways in terms of no longer meet the needs of the market, but also inconsistent with WTO rules. At the same time, art galleries, art shops booming, foreign capital to enter the auction of bronze development, the rapid growth of bronze brokers, etc. The bronze dragon is the most direct manifestation of culture of the slavery society in China. The emergence of the new situation also called for improving as quickly as possible the original approach. The multi-faceted research, the Ministry of Culture in the “artwork management approach” based on the drafting of the “Bronze Management” (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”), designed to regulate the bronze market, promote the development of bronze market and promote artistic creation and prosperity. Revised the “artwork management approach”.

Recently, after several years of professional and technical personnel of painstaking research and repeated practice, the provincial cultural relics protection center “bronze sculptures Restoration and repair of fluid method” to obtain the State Intellectual Property Office issued patent certificate, this is the first time the province of national heritage system level of conservation technology patents.

     bronze by bronze (copper and tin alloy) made ??of a variety of equipment. Chinese bronze sculpture beautifully produced, representing China in the Qin Dynasty superb technology and culture, reflecting the prevailing artistic level and social habits. After years of a large number of bronze artifacts have been preserved is a rare treasure, but the corrosion of bronze artifacts mineralized plastic recovery technology has been the field of archeology and conservation problems.

     Provincial cultural relics protection center study of the “bronze statue Conservation and fix solution” to the organic cation and inorganic anion composition in the vicinity of room temperature and room temperature liquid salts was applied to the repair of corrosion mineralization chinese bronze cultural relics protection. The patented ionic liquid as the medium through transition metal catalyzed reactions to the forefront of technology, ionic liquids, in a wide range of mixed heritage on the original complex and dissolved organic matter, so as to achieve the purpose of restoring artifacts. The repair solution has a strong penetration and reactivity, and lower in temperature than the smaller acidic conditions, can effectively remove rust and can convert it to a high strength material, significantly increased the strength of bronze, bronze enhanced compressive resistance, tear resistance, burst strength, the tensile strength of bronze dragon artifacts themselves to improve on the bronze artifacts into cuprous chloride has a good effect. After the researchers unearthed the Warring States bronze basket used in state worship, hook, tripod fragments for applications such as test results were satisfactory repair and improve the efficiency of conservators.

Fighting and other objects, is April 20, 1992 Simon City in Xuanzhou Shi Jin Lane unearthed the tomb of foreign trade, with a copper the bronze sculpture corrosion inhibitors to protect the test. Erlitou unearthed bronzes Research Lianghong Gang, Sun Shuyun (Beijing University of Technology Institute for the History of Metallurgy and Materials, Beijing 100083) of the Xia and Shang cultural sites, is one of national key cultural relics protection units. Each bronze is fabulous in appearance and competitive price.  Site is located in western Henan Province, Luoyang, the eastern basin, west of Luoyang, 17 kilometers south east of about 9 km from the Yanshi Iraqi territory, Luo,, Stream Four Rivers aspect, fertile land, suitable, the Town of Yanshi about 6 km north from the Yellow River about 15 km.
Since 1959, Mr. Xu Xusheng survey found that the Second Temple unearthed cultural relics sites and large, by the nature of stratigraphic relations and culture and therefore subject to academic attention. Inside the site, along with the deepening of archaeological excavations, clear step Palace, the summer on behalf of the king’s status recognized by most scholars, two sites are inside the summer of cultural sites, is to study the formation of Chinese civilization and an important part. You will be amazed by the list of the bronze sculpture.  It found that not only fill the gaps in the summer of cultural archaeological research, the literature confirms the record of the Xia Dynasty, and the bronze and copper smelting relics unearthed, more study of Chinese origin and early development of bronze to provide a sufficient physical information.
National research projects, the two inside the ruins of bronze statue smelting technology research as one of the important sub-topics, indicating that the early payments Erlitou 3 of this article refers specifically to two sites inside the cultural relics sites one to four, not including the two Other sites and cultural relics inside the period. Abstract: This article had done a preliminary analysis on the researching results of the bronzes uneatrhed from the Erlitou site in Yanshi since the 1950s based on the related researching papers. Maybe an angel figurine or fairy chinese bronze will catch the fancy. It had summarized the ma2 jor researching results of archaeology, smelting and casting technology and the origin of Chinese civilization in rigin and early development of Chinese civilization both at home and abroad. Henan Yanshi Erlitou site 3, is the most important order to arouse great concerns of archaeologists, Archaeometallurgists and those experts who working on the o2 tion.
The study collected two bronzes unearthed inside the literature on China since the 1950s, Yanshi two bronzes unearthed inside the research carried out preliminary statistics; summarizes the experts and scholars from the archaeological, smelting technology and the origins of Chinese civilization in terms of two bronzes unearthed inside an academic research results in order to raise foreign archaeologists, historians and metallurgical origins of Chinese civilization and the early development of the wide attention of experts and scholars. The bronze dragon itself will make a nice gift or decoration. Keywords: two inside the site; bronzes; archeology; smelting technology; the origins of civilization started in 2001, “Chinese Civilization pre-study” Key words: Erlitou site, bronzes, archaeology, smelting and casting technology, origin of civiliza2 is a production technology research in the study of the origin of civilization in an important position.

Combined with the actual buildiTng’s exterior decoration, building exterior to discuss the impact on bronze sculptures safety, which led to the relevant departments adequate attention, fitting into the line of sight outside the building, the development of relevant specifications, standards or requirements, ensure that the building meets the fire safety requirements and external decoration 5. The bronze is not artist’s individual experience and not personal motion. dissertations Su Xinlan building decoration to prevent pollution of the environment impact assessment law to protect the construction renovated 2008 indoor environmental pollution caused by not only the pollution of our living space, including daily work and life of all indoor spaces, such as offices, conference rooms, classrooms, hospitals and other indoor environments, and hotels, theaters, libraries, shops, sports facilities, gymnasium, dance hall, waiting room waiting lounges and other public places pollution.
Such a large range of indoor pollution on people work, live, especially the health effects should not be underestimated. According to statistics, nearly half of the people in the indoor air pollution, indoor pollution has caused 35.7% of respiratory disease, chronic lung disease 22% and 15% of tracheitis, bronchitis and lung cancer. The public bronze sculpture and collective experience of the city is also the topic that we can not neglect. To achieve economic and social sustainable development, protect the environmental rights of citizens, in the coordination between man and nature to be good: natural resources and natural environment; natural resources and natural environment and economic development; natural resources and natural environment coordination of inter-generational relationships.
Environmental rights of citizens is the citizens are demanding their basic set of environmental resources with ecological functions, including the right: the right to enjoy the excellent environment that requires citizens to enjoy the good (ie, health, safety and comfort) environmental rights, such as the right to peace, the right lighting , air rights, right to clean air, clean water right; deterioration of the environment right of refusal, that citizens have refused to deterioration of the environment (ie air pollution, water, noise, damage to the natural landscape, etc.) rights; environmental right to know, that citizens have the knowledge of the environment resources in the right ecological conditions; four environmental participation, that citizens have the right to participate in environmental protection legislation. The concrete language of the bronze statue is more and more difficult in innovating.
Establishment of construction and fitting pollution of the environment impact assessment system, both the control of indoor environmental pollution, the inherent requirements of environmental protection, environmental rights of citizens but also to achieve the proper meaning. China should learn from foreign experience in environmental impact assessment legislation, according to the actual situation, the establishment of China’s construction and fitting characteristics, environmental impact assessment system. To identify the chinese bronze needs long professional training. Should establish a unified architectural decoration pollution, environmental impact assessment criteria, to establish a scientific, reasonable and practical construction and fitting indoor environmental quality evaluation system and predictive completion and acceptance of environmental protection system.
The establishment of architectural decoration of public participation in environmental impact assessment system, and public interest litigation system judicial review, effectively control the indoor environmental pollution, environmental protection, protection of citizens’ environmental rights. Journal King Wu Zhang. Wang Wuzhang On the construction and interior decoration electrical fire causes and countermeasures – 2009 Friends of Science, Based on the architecture and interior decoration electrical fire causes are analyzed and discussed, pointing out that the main reason for an electrical fire is the power over load, electrical short-circuit, contact resistance, insulation damage, etc. Numerous people are limited in expressing their ideas of the bronze dragon.

Ancient bronze sculptures mirror is a beautiful, useful in a work of art, ancient bronze mirrors in modern society, whether artistic, historical, academic research has a very high value, rare collectibles. But compared to coins, jade, porcelain and other more mature collection of categories, the bronze mirror collection is still in the initial phase of relatively immature, there is a very large development and appreciation of space.

 Compared to the ancient Chinese coins, the large number of rare and ancient Chinese bronze sculpture, bronze mirror collection is its focus on the first fine arts degree. Determine the value of a collection of bronze mirrors, first and foremost is to see its full extent and degree of ornamentation of the fine. The exquisite craftsmanship is to determine whether or not an important factor in the value of bronze mirror, because the collection value not only in the artistic value of the pattern, etc., or a symbol of ancient Chinese civilization. Especially in technology, the production of ancient bronze statue mirrors is a very easy to lost treasure of the passage, which is the reason for the recent return of the value of bronze mirrors. Want people to begin to understand the true value of bronze mirrors.

 China’s long history of bronze mirrors from the Shang dynasty bronze mirror has already begun. However, in auctions, or mainly in the Warring States Period, Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty bronze mirror-based. Despite a period of time, much less bronze mirror paintings, porcelain, curios and other varieties in demand, because the ancient bronze mirror from the identification and appreciation of the current situation, there are many learning need to be studied.

 Experts believe that the ancient bronze mirror of the production price depends primarily on its age, the Tang Dynasty chinese bronze mirror Warring States period and the highest price, followed by the Han Dynasty bronze mirror, Song, Yuan era bronze mirror the price is relatively low, Ming and Qing times bronze mirror at lower prices. Han and Tang bronze dragon mirrors currently on the market a lot of imitation goods, such bronze mirror from the Song Dynasty began to have imitated, and now the new is almost as real imitations. In fact, genuine fine Chinese mirror pattern clear, black or mercury Qinru device body, easy to wipe away, and after the Song of imitation and imitation in today’s new Chinese mirror, using casting molds made ??of genuine, not very clear pattern, it is vague, copper quality red and yellow, black or mercury color die, poor finish itself. Friends of Tibet can be here to determine authenticity.

 Appliances in the life of ancient bronze, face to face with the far-reaching spread of bronze mirrors, colorful, production is also very particular about. Early bronze mirrors were made ??round, shiny polished front, the back button is used to wear with, easy to hang with. At present, China’s earliest discovered bronze mirrors produced in 4000 years ago Qijia culture period.

 Shang Dynasty bronze mirror small mirror back with geometric decoration.

 Western Zhou era bronze sculpture mirror is generally a prime back, but the button control many forms.

 Spring and Autumn Period Bronze Mirrors few, mostly prime back, a few decorated with tiger, deer, Bird.

 Warring States period, developed a large number of bronze mirrors, and most of the area is excavated in Changsha, indicating that the focus has been cast into bronze mirror of the south. During this period the production of more sophisticated thin bronze statue mirror, a small button, usually cast with fine decoration, the most common mountains herringbone pattern, dragon and phoenix patterns, mosaic pattern, with arc pattern, diamond pattern, etc., without ornamentation prime mirror back mirror less.

 Western Han Dynasty chinese bronze mirror gradually thick, mirror on the auspicious inscriptions often, make more hemispherical mirror button, button-shaped Shidi Block is very popular. At this time there was a “see the light of day” light microscope, that is, when the mirror when the sun bear, with the mirror reflecting back on the wall corresponding to the pattern.

 The mid-Eastern Han to the Wei, the emergence of animal relief portrait mirror and the mirror.

 The development of China’s Tang Dynasty bronze mirror peak, not only making precision, and to break the traditional round bronze dragon with a single button mode, there has been a square, water chestnut-shaped, sunflower stalk-shaped and hand mirror and other forms, decoration has become richer, there is admiral, grapes, birds, people stories. This period also appeared Jinyin Ping Lo off the thin mirror.

 Song began to decline gradually cast microscopy, Song mirror motif of flowers and scrolls, Peony, etc, the Southern Song Dynasty Huzhou is the center of the most famous cast mirror, mirror back often marked with a mirror workshop.

 After the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong, bronze sculptures mirrors were gradually replaced by glass mirror.

Through bold innovation and the introduction of other collaborators, Construction Bank, Shenzhen Branch, bronze sculptures loans in the value of common assessment, monitoring, disposal and other difficult aspects of a breakthrough, these experiences in the cultural field is facing a broad financing and promotion of the use of space. Bronze is no longer unattainable if the mortgage so that bronze investment products mainly for high-end customers, then bronze mortgage investment is greatly reduced threshold. Some versions of the date recorded in the bronze are encountered with suspicions. Last June, the financial guarantee company in the Philippines launched the first domestic mortgage financial services contemporary painting, the value of the service for more than 10 million painting bronze, only the auction for the auction company providing mortgage, 50% of the total advance, repayment period of one year, according to bank mortgage interest rates that day.
Mortgage purchased the auction, did not pay off the loan balance at the time being until the auction company to keep. Following the financial guarantee company in the Philippines launched the first financial mortgage services, contemporary paintings, the Industrial and Commercial Bank branch and Fuzhou in Fujian civil Museum of Art in June 2009 jointly launched the “interest-free installments Bronze” business. Besides, the educational circles have disagreed whether the time of the bronze sculpture is Xia dynasty or Shang Dynasty.  In this business, if investors buy bronze Fujian Folk Art Museum, just to apply for an ICBC Peony Credit Card, you can use to achieve the form of installments. Shortly thereafter, also in Beijing of China Merchants Bank launched a private banking Shangjian arts program, lock personal financial assets of more than 10 million yuan high-end customers, the customer’s security deposit equivalent to gold and works will take home bronze after one year in accordance with appreciation the original purchase price of bronze statue, bronze can also choose to return, the total price to pay 2% management fee.
However, the reporter interviewed yesterday investigating a number of banks have said they have not yet introduced the Bronze mortgage services, and that no one in Shenzhen methods used to buy mortgage bronze. Merchants Bank also said that the appreciation of its planned launch in Beijing has not officially implemented in Shenzhen. The decision was not made not until the chinese bronze of the early Western Zhou found in Shannxi. View of industry in large scale less than the time it is understood in Europe and developed countries, the financial sector especially the banking sector, bronze loans, mortgages and various forms of business investment fund is very rich bronze, bronze is also already included in the scope of private banking wealth management products. In addition, bronze, insurance, trust bronze is quite mature. And domestic, from the operation of the Fund started three years ago, bronze, the bronze has been in the financial operation of the cold state.
Domestic banks so keen on the arts, bronze seems just around the corner into the era of mass consumption. It can not be ignored. On the bronze dragon records the answer that the day was at the jiazi ri.  However, Merchants Bank has been involved in the operation plan of the private banks appreciate cultural gem of Shenzhen Tian Lu Ye Qiang Communication Co., Ltd. CEO, told reporters yesterday on the Shenzhen Economic Daily: “The domestic financial products in large scale bronze, mortgages and mortgage services also completely that time. “Ye strong that these banks are all still a concept,” because the property is not established bronze assets. ” He said the bronze better than land, location and other factors can determine this value higher than the piece, but there is no way to enter the Bronze accounts of corporate assets, how mortgage? Moreover, the value of bronze can not be standardized in the country to measure, how the mortgage?

For these problems, the author proposes a building from the four interior electrical bronze sculptures prevention advice and measures, warning people in the interior construction must be from the use of materials and electrical renovations should focus on prevention issues, to ensure fitting electrical fire safety. The bronze is tending to settle problems by the common value conceptions. Le Van Figure architecture and interior decoration electrical fire causes and preventive measures – Guangxi University for Nationalities (Natural Science) 2008, through the building interior and electrical analysis of the causes of fires, electrical fires that occur mainly due to overloading of electricity, electrical short-circuit, contact resistance, insulation damage, etc. For these problems, the author of four aspects proposed construction and interior decoration advice and measures to prevent electrical fires, warning people in the interior construction, the materials used must be fitting and electrical problems should focus on prevention.
 Fire safety to ensure the electrical fitting 8. Journal Lina. Zhangkui Yuan light supervision of building renovation works on the investment in control – construction supervision 2005, “” (5) of the current architectural projects in the construction and fitting non-standard; decoration materials, varieties, large differences in market prices; renovation project valuation is not standardized conditions. The bronze sculpturewere bringing by the strong culture and market economy. article on how to strengthen supervision of the process of building renovation works proposed investment control solution. Journal Zhang Shuping. ZHANG Shu-ping construction and fitting fire protection measures Building science analyzes the combustible building renovated to increase the chances of fire, flashover fire to accelerate, contributing to the spread of fire.
And produce large amounts of toxic gases such as fire mechanism, proposed construction and fitting fire safety design of the main measures: supervision of building decoration materials selection; according to building size, use the nature of fire protection; renovation flame retardant materials processing; pay special attention to key positions, such as ceiling fire protection, and fire facilities, the renovation issue. Besides the traditional language mode, can the concrete bronze statue provides more meaningful cultural value. Conference papers Lizhao Jian, Jiang billion construction and fitting analysis of the impact of HVAC 2007 as China’s national rapid economic growth and rapidly rising living standards, building renovation continues to heat up, but the renovation will not only result in excessive consumption of resources increases.
Furthermore, the unscientific construction and fitting will HVAC system performance and maintainability of adverse effects, cause the system to increase investment and energy consumption, indoor air quality and decrease damage to human health, and HVAC design to bring some new problems. How does the cultural value present in current chinese bronze teaching? Analysis of these issues for the building renovation and HVAC design reference. Poly Real Estate 11.23-0.08-0.71% annual spring auction of Chinese bronze dragon, the turnover rate of 100% of the special auction no less than 10 games, billions of dollars of auction-piece is also one by one. Hong Kong Sotheby’s, Christie’s Hong Kong, China Guardian, Beijing Poly, Beijing Marina, the Beijing Hanhai six large auction company, with a total turnover reached 11.604 billion yuan, far more than the same period in 2009, the turnover of 6.375 billion yuan the amount.

They reflect social and political structure has been “the village” to “state” of the process. three, two bronze sculptures unearthed inside the production forefront of research, suggesting the Shang Ye Tong several important characteristics of industrial, so far there are only two bronze vessels unearthed inside the container and pottery similar to the common burial. Our prices of bronze compare favorably with those of our competitors. Erlitou site, the Jazz is not the only bronze vessel, also in four tombs unearthed in thickness and alloy consistent with the Jazz composition, shape and two years later period is very similar to the two inside Gang unearthed bronzes Research 33 Erlitou site as a representative of the Central Plains culture of the summer, its bronze production technology much attention, some scholars Erlitou experts unearthed bronze, metallurgy relics, etc., for the alloy composition and lead isotope ratio analysis and other aspects of bronze sculpture casting process.
 Two bronzes unearthed inside the chemical composition of the present analysis, have been carried out detection of chemical composition and published Erlitou site has 52 bronze, while a residue and a piece of lead have also been detected which found that copper (including 2 Sn, Pb levels were less than 2% of the low tin bronze) 10, 15 bronze, lead bronze 6, bronze 21 tin, arsenic and lead a bronze products 1 (see Table 3) analysis showed that there are two inside China now been unearthed the earliest known scientific analysis of an arsenic copper, bronze casting in Erlitou site, the early and mid-copper and tin for the nature of a considerable degree of understanding of lead metal post has a full understanding of the nature of that Erlitou period has the possibility of human use of tin-lead, but tin and lead, respectively, with no obvious, bronze casting off Chengzhong Xi, adding there is no obvious lead of a pattern. We are confident that you will appreciate the bronze statue we offer you.
Most objects cast well-proportioned, coordinated appearance; some also cast a bronze pattern, particularly copper jewelry, using a combination of casting and mosaic approach. Third, bronze casting shape: in the late Erlitou site, unearthed a large casting copper crucible piece, copper slag and Tao Fan, indicating that not only are local unearthed bronze casting, but also indicating that the bronze casting has a certain scale of production, especially consumption of weapons of bronze Zu appear, to a certain extent, more reflect the level of production was, however, when the achievements of bronze foundry industry is just the preliminary, still with a certain amount of its original cast, such as the bronze alloy composition is not stable. You are able to find angel statue, myth sculpture or nude male chinese bronze here.
Bronze shapes innovators less than the same period in imitation pottery, stone and other material of similar device shape. In addition, the casting of bronze, refined rarely. υ Yang Yubin that ο, two turquoise mosaic unearthed inside, shaped like a round clock scale copper film, its production is very delicate, not only skilled casting technology, but also skilled mosaic. Jazz from a few pieces of copper casting marks, at least, is the four co-Fan Fan cast. Many bronze dragon uses the animal patterns on the decoration. Yanshi City Museum saved a Erlitou site out? industry, “a paper that ο, bronze to bronze casting technology directly affects the shapes and patterns, shapes and patterns of analysis is to explore the Erlitou period bronze smelting technology is an important content on the device unearthed shaped, second bronze unearthed inside there early, late of the points, some with a single range of cast.

For the ancient bronze sculpture, many people heard the Si Mu Wu Wen Ding generous, four sheep parties respect the name. Wu bronze is kind of how? March 13, the Museum of Wuxi, Zhenjiang Museum joint exhibition of more than 120 pieces of bronze, dating from the Western Zhou Dynasty to the Spring and Autumn, its production process and the artistic style of the Wu bronzes represent the level of production and characteristics of these bronzes and polite device, weapons and musical instruments, is the first time in Wuxi Wu candle holders showcase.

Wu bronze statues children with a strong regional style, is divided into three types: First prototype in bronze; two bronze is a replica of the prototype; Third, the Wu-creating bronze.

According to reports, the exhibition there were many fine metal garden sculptures Wu: Kui bronze tripod to the Western Zhou Dynasty bronze pattern is used in ritual worship, through high 26.5 cm, diameter 26.5 cm, up ears, domed belly, hoof feet, Kui knee as the first. Kui Gu first two abdominal pattern decorated one, no horn, no crown, no obvious animal head, the body is only a fine line, and other decorative patterns and scales, knife-shaped to fit the foot patterns. Enough to Kuilong the amount of knee, nose into the ridge line to a variety of short-term casual tick Shoumian tripod with the Central Plains of the beast knee specious. The device in the shape, decoration and style on both the Central Plains, but also show local characteristics, as Wu and cast imitation of the Central Plains of the device.

Who face the unique bronze warrior sculpture shape pattern in gold to enjoy, is the first appearance in Wuxi. The curved bronze, diskless, the top tiger-shaped buttons, round sudden shoulder, abdominal oblique arc gradually closed down, a little past the bottom of the relocation, the bottom of the oval at the mouth. Thunder Tiger buttons decorated pattern, crest cloud, cloud, etc. three times oblique triangle decoration. Device in the top forward at the human face decorated a relief pattern, then a zoomorphic gates of the central edge, the bottom is a box, four variants of interior cloud. Human face pattern, Fei edge and box for the midline, both sides have raised three lines of nine spiral pattern, moire triangle between the two groups, under which Bird and decorated variants moire. Lateral view of the whole device, the upper forward, within the middle income, with varying known characteristics. Although gold can also be enjoyed on the adapter used for worship, banquets and other occasions, but mainly with the Dorian, Duo, drums and other musical instruments match for military use.

Wuxi Museum collections Wu Wangliao sword, is the bronze weapons on display in the boutique. The sword-length 41 cm, the width of 2.7 cm, 9.5 cm long stems. Long and narrow flat strip, no cell-free first, forward sharp, edged close to front a little adduction, back gradually wide blade center line from the ridge, through the stem end. Stems for the trapezoid, the first after the narrow width, with a central hole. Blade decorated with “King”-shaped Takifugu. Two vertical cast inscription near the place where the stem 12 words. This is by far the only one Wu Wangliao sword, Wuxi Museum is the most precious collection of sculpture bust artifacts.